Horseland Help

Beginner's Help

This section is for REAL beginners: Creating an account


Once you go on, you will see at the top: two boxes for you to put your username and password. In blue letters you will then see above:

Sign up!|Forgot password?

 Click on sign up.

Now say if you are a girl or boy, your country, and your date of birth.

NOTE: If you put you are UNDER 13 years old, you won't have any fun and become a jr. player.

What is a jr. Player? A player under 13 years old. You can't say anything except for the premade phrases!  

Click on Next  

Warning: all information is fake (except for player name) so don't try to hack or e-mail me! 

Help choosing your username: It's best if it's not your real name, and if you want it to be cool and get famous, or popular, don't put any numbers in it! Here's a couple of examples: Cupcakebunny, Sarcasm*, or maybe a roleplay name like Icefeather. You don't want people to say, "Hey, do you know horselover473890? She makes cool graphics!" Think about it, the numbers will get mixed up and nobody will know you!

*= Sarcasm is taken by me, sorry newbies. Use don't abuse

Confirm that you really want this account, then wait for it to load. It gives you info  about horseland. Now it's time to pick out your avatar. When you're happy with the results, click on next.

As the yellow bar states, start by verifying your account. You need to verify your account, so Horseland knows your e-mail address is valid, and not fake. Just log into your e-mail account and you should have a new e-mail from horseland. As it tells you, click on the link, and your account will be verified instantly!


Now, lets get it over with, and  just answer the question in case you ever change your password. I know it doesn't appear, you have to log out then in back again. Yours screen should then look like this:


Congrats. You've made an account. Its all about getting famous and popular now. Continue to the next section.