Horseland Help

Socialize and Cheats


Since some of you might like this, I decided to put this first!

As far as I know, there are no cheats for money 

Cheats to retire your horse early 

A horse you really want to get rid of, and can't sell? But he's too young to retire? Just follow these steps.

1. You know how there's a bar on the top of your page that says the URL? Go to a new tab or window.

2. Erase the current URL.

3. Replace it with :

4. Replace the 0's in the above URL with the ID of the horse you want to retire

5. Click enter! 

Cheats to "ride" a horse before he's born/ not old enough 

 Notice I put ride in quotation marks. That's because you can't really take him to the world. It just shows you riding him when you go to "GO"

1. Purchase a horse that hasn't been born yet or is too young to ride. If you already have one you can skip this step.

2. Go to his/her page

3. Click on his/her name like you're going to change it (but don't)

4. Press "enter"

5. When it takes you to an error page, click "back"

6. When it takes you back to the horse's page, click "Save Changes"

7. Then click "GO" on the menu, and see yourself riding that horse, grown-up! 

If you don't understand the text, click hereto watch the video.

Secret Places 

Please note I haven't covered all of them..yet. 

And all these videos are made by hellostalkerCx .. guess who that is.. (hint: me)

1. Click here to watch a video on how to get to the Secret Area  

2.Click here to watch a video on how to fly in the Secret Area  

3.Click here to watch a video on how to get to Pony Forest  

4.Click here to watch a video on how to fly in Pony Forest  




Apart from the world, there are different ways to socialize and make friends. For instance, you can go on the forum and talk about anything you want and even advertise stuff. Click on community in the menu and forums in the menu to the side. Search for the topic you are looking for, and add a comment or just read what people post!

You can also communicate in people's walls. What is a wall? You ask. Well, when you first click on a person, you are led to their friends list and at the top right corner you see something like this:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

You can write on it, and people like to play games on their wall and claim other's wall, saying its theirs. You can do this to a close friend. 



You can send a private message to someone. This means no one but the mods will read it. Just go on someones page and there's a link to send a message to someone.




Congrats! You finished the whole tutorial! You have just graduated from the Horseland Help Academy. Take what you know to help you in your life as a Horseland player, Just remember if you have anymore questions, comments, or suggestions, post in the guestbook. Also,if you found this site helpful, share it!