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Slang & the World

Almost time to go to the world, but first let's learn what slang some players use. There's a lot. I know I missed some, so please add any suggestions in the guestbook. 



brb=be right back

ttyl=talk to you later

np=no problem





lol=laugh out loud *something is funny*

ty= thank you

np= no problem

lmao= laughing my ass off :p

rofl= rolling on the floor laughing

DA= , where people get most of their stock to make graphics.

Other internet slang, click here  

 Again, anything else you think of that I don't have on here, please write on the guestbook.


I know I missed a whole lot, these are just the basics. I remember when I was a newbie, I thought brb was a cool way to say bye, so I said brb and never came back! 


xD= something is funny

:p=sticking your tongue out

:D= you're happy

8D= you're hyper

-.- = angry

>:D= revenge

._. = angry

o.o , O.o , o.O = someone says something stupid...

:3 = i don't really know what this means...

 8D = wild or hyper or crazy about something

Cx = another smiley face

C: or c: = another smiley face

^_^ or ^.^ = satisfied or happy... not really sure. 


 For more smiley faces, click here  

For Japanese smileys, click  here



and again, lots more I missed.

The World

Wow! It's time now! Click on the word "World" in our old friend  the menu and if you want to meet people, choose the server in which the purple fills the white line the most.Choose the fullest place.

TIP: Each place only holds 20 people!

Chat to people, explore, discover!

How to send a friend request:

1. Click on them

2. Click visit player

3. Below their name it says send friend request

If you did it right, a yellow bar should appear confirming what you did. Warning: Some people don't like random friend requests so you should talk to them a little.

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