Horseland Help


Before you go to the world, we need you to get prepared. Let's start by how you look. For example, this is what I don't like:

I think the tights make you look like a newbie.

I think the hat is for inexperienced players and looks bad unless you are wearing rich clothes with it. 

There are two ways to change your clothes:

1. Click on go and at the bottom it says to change your clothes.

2. Click on home and it says Avatar.

 #2 is the one I usually use.

If I were you, I would take off the hat and the tights. If you take off the tights, it looks like you are wearing shorts. The hat is ugly, as I said before. And you look like a nerd, so please take off your socks, but I have nothing against the shoes except that it's not a good idea to wear shoes without socks. But that's just me. You don't have to do it.

Play around with the nice clothes Horseland gave you. We'll worry about rich clothes later. Click save when you are done. But if you use the tips, players will regard you less like a newbie.


If you ever want to change your hairstyle of skin color,  eyes, eyebrows or mouth, click on the face icon on the top left of the box your avatar is currently in. It's by an underwear that means take off all of your clothes.

Go to the next step, and learn how to change your page to make a good impression.