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A cool homepage

Hey! Click on home and then click on "update". The colors your homepage have are in my opinion ugly and signal you are a newbie. So let's start. Scroll down and below the paints thing there are squares of color. Change them, experiment!!! Whatever color you want, for your page. 

Save it.

Your page is now beautiful, just the way you want it...


What are layouts and how do I use them? Welcome to the world of graphics! Here we cut out pictures and put them in other backgrounds and a bunch more complicated stuff. We even code them, that means we add scrolls so you can type in whatever you want. BUT, they cost a lot of money. So why not visit a site for free layouts?    *    * They are so good!   *   *


If they have a star next to their name, it means I like them and they have really good layouts!!

Some are pretty bad, but it's usually just the coding. I make layouts too, and they are quite good. Message me and I might lower the price for you if you:

-Join this site

- Add a comment in the guestbook


How to add layouts to your page:

Scroll down, until you see a text box and at the top it says "description". Paste the code in that box. Click save.

How to add your own text in the layouts:

In the code in the "description" box, scroll the box until you see where there is stuff like "write here" you erase that text and write your own instead!

Write in the Guestbook if you don't understand. 


Due to popular request, I am now adding a new section on how to make your OWN layouts! Since this is going to take a bit, I decided to use scrolls. ^_^

Step one: Choosing the pictures 


I strongly reccomend you go to .. from there, on the menu to the left, click "resources and stock images" you can use ONLY from that section. Have you thought of elements you want in your layout? As an example, let's use a black horse on a beach background. So you're going to search for them. **note: next step requires you to cut out the black horse. If you don't want to do that, then look up "black horse precut". ** When you find your pics, save them to your computer. **If it's a precut, and the background is not transparent, (let's say it was pink) You're going to have to download it.

Step two: cutting out 

If yew searched up a precut, you can skip this step. :p
But if you didn't , then: Go on photoshop. (I use CS5)
Select the eraser, and make it kind of big, start erasing the background farthest from the horse. Then erase the edge of the horse with a thinner eraser. And finally, erase the middle and what's left. You can sharpen it to make it look nicer, but we'll get to that later. Any questions in the guestbook.

 Step three: adjusting and crediting

If you are using Photoshop CS5, Which is what I use, below the menu you will see tabs. A tab with the picture of the background, the horse, and any other things you might have used. Right click the tab of the background, and click "move to new window" and it will move to a new window. Now, in the side of your screen you have all these tools. Click the 1st one (the one at the top) and drag your horse into the background, now that you can see both of them. Do the same for all the other things you want, then position them using that same tool. Now for adjusting things. You have to blend in , adjust, and paint mane, tails and all that stuff.. I can't really explain to you right here or else I would have to dedicate this whole site to graphics but here are a few tips:
1. If your background is of grass, you can't just put the horse on top of the grass. That would look way weird. So just select the horse's layer. Then click on the eraser tool and out of all the erasers that Photoshop comes with, look for one that looks like three grass blades. Then put your horse on top of the grass, and erase his legs with that same brush. It will look like the grass the grass is surrounding his legs.. easier than painting the grass, right?
More coming soon!
Remember how I told you I couldn't give you tips? Well I know someone who can.
She was known as the Queen of Graphics on Horseland and she's awesome ^_^ Her DeviantArt: clicky
Her Horseland: clicky
And also, you can find LOTS of tutorials that will help you!
Once you're done adjusting your picture, you have to CREDIT.
Q: What is crediting?
A: It's saying where you got the pictures you used on your graphic.
For example, let's say you got the horse from someone called "example" on, and the background from "example2" . So how would you credit? At the bottom or top of the image (or wherever you want) you will put the credits. I recommend the font"Redensek" or if you can't download it use "Trajan Pro" (It already comes with Photoshop).
Wrong way to credit:
"horse: example
background: example2
all @ DA"
First of all, some people don't know what DA is (it means deviantart) so you shouldn't put it. You should link back like this.
Right way to credit:
Some people use @ instead of . right before "deviantart" I don't know if that's right, but I guess you could use it.

 Uploading and Coding

Once you're done and ready to save, save it to your computer and upload it to Deviantart. You need an account to do this. I recommend you use Deviantart and make an account there if you don't have one but you can also use , , and more. If you've uploaded it, save the URL, because now it's time to code! For one scroll, go to or click here.
But for multiple scrolls, go to or click here. And I use Paint to measure pixels.. Well then fill in the info and once you get the code, copy it into your horseland page and you're done!





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