Horseland Help

A tour of Horseland

Great! I see you've continued this tutorial. Before we begin to do anything, let's show you around, shall we?

The menu: It's in your top left. You see:GO, home, friends, shop, world, shows, community, games, and find.


You can see yourself here, as well as another menu that has the same things our old friend has. This one has pictures. It also has options for you to change clothes. Right now, you look like a newbie.


Show your personality here. When you click "update" in the top right, you can change the colors, add a layout, and type what you want.


This page displays all of your friends.


Here, you can buy  new horses, clothes, feed, and dogs. Whoa. Don't get ahead. All in good time, don't worry.


My favorite feature of horseland world. You can explore and chat, find secret places.


Horseland has shows for your horse to preform in. It can earn points that way. You can create a show too.


Ah, when you log in, this is what is shown. It has news, the forum, pictures of kids with their horses, and more.


The most popular way to earn money, although you can only collect money 12  times a week. 

TIP: Earn all your money on Sundays and half on Mondays!


Here's where you can find players, horses, dogs, and show results. You need to know their name OR their ID number.

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