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Added new links to sources with lots of emoticons/smileys, Japanese smileys (since I love them so much) and new internet slang that may contain bad words so watch out! Also I put links to videos on how to get to secret places in the world, and also new cheats! 


Added some new emoticons and new slang. New videos of the world coming soon !


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Click on the menu buttons from left to right, not out of order, and put together it makes a whole tutorial!

This is a newly updated site that helps all newbies start their life in horseland. It gives tips, tricks, and some advice that goes from creating your own account here to becoming famous, popular, and having tons of friends. It also covers how to earn coins and some of the slang horseland players use. This site itself was created by a Horseland player. My ID is 6978413. My name is Sarcasm. You can send me a friend request and a message saying you know my website! Also If you think I've missed something important, then just post a message in the Guestbook, and I'll probably add it. If you think this site is really good, then share it with your friends, put a link to it in your page, or even better: Put the card in your page!

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